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Read of Tara's fabulously distasteful journey with Pigeon Fever (a bacterial infection which causes ghastly abscesses in horses) here! ;-) Published in 'Natural Horse' Magazine in the Fall of 2015.

Pigeon Fever: A First-Hand Account; NATURAL HORSE Magazine – VOLUME 17 ISSUE 4, by Tara Coyote

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From Grief & Loss to Horse Shit & Monty Python, join Tara as she delves into and shares parts of her personal journey, including how she came to work with the horses.

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Demystifying Death & Grief 

One of Tara's specialties is the human/horse bond for healing grief, loss, difficult life transitions and facilitating help for care-takers. In her own personal life, Tara has had an extensive journey with death and grief which has inspired her to help demystify death in our society. Her passion is to help others understand that once one accepts death, one can truly come to life.

As a part of this work, she is actively seeking publications to write for and share both her own story through grief and how horses have been fundamental support in the healing process.

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