Monty Python, death and the technicolored dream...

My dreams are ever-increasingly indicative of the humorous depths and reflections of my life. Last night I dreamt of a technicolored Monty Python florescent cartoon character dancing around me singing, "Always look on the bright side of death" and whistling.. Yes these are the funny things that float through my head.. 

Today I'm going to meet my first hospice patient. Lightness and humor always have a hand in even the most dire situations, you just have to look for it!

One thing i've learned in the past many months is that life and death exist side by side, we cannot live a properly full life without truly embracing death. Death is all around us at very moment and the truth is we all must pass through that portal. In is inescapable. There is lightness in death and in death there is light.

And in this recognition I give thanks to the wacky noodle doodle cartoon character who came to light up my dreams with a bit of humor!