AM Puppy Pummeled Reflections



Am reflections after being pummeled by a puppy: So friends as you know my beloved friend of 19 years died this past August and my dear companion dog one month after her. Now one of my other closest friends of 21+ years is journeying with cancer and frankly, my heart hurts… I definitely have feelings about why my most cherished friends, so young at 46 years old are facing such milestones but this is really not about me right now…

What I want to share here is how absolutely short and precious life is. Yes I have said it before and I say it again. I see all of us, myself included, get caught up in the daily grumbles and frustrations that life catches us up in.. Yet, we have been given such a gift with this body, this breath, this opportunity to seize whatever brings us joy, fulfillment, light, love… Those of you with healthy bodies who can breath the air, feel the sun upon your faces who aren’t facing life threatening illnesses I say to you: LIVE YOUR LIFE NOW….

The gift of facing death and seeing the impact of cancer on my dearest friends is how impermanent life really is.. Why put off our greatest desires, our dreams, our future visions till tomorrow, till five years from now, till we retire? This is an allusion, frankly all we have is NOW.. Why wait? Those of you caught in your fears of seizing the reality you yearn for now I urge you to take your sword of courage, reduce those fears to the shadows they are and go for what your heart truly calls for… Time will not wait, this is the gift of the PRESENT and this is your time…

We all have past issues, childhood fears etc we’re contending with, I do not invalidate anyone’s stories of why they are stuck or unhappy but the message here is: Hey if you have a healthy body, do you know how blessed you are? So take that healthy body, use it, climb that mountain, cross every stream, till you find your dream (yes that‘Sound of Music’ jingle comes forth from childhood here, thank you Grandma Rita J )  and LIVE your life… There is no excuse for not claiming the absolutely blessed birthright of incarnating and following your destiny.  EMBODY your life to its fullest potential!  I applaud you for doing so, with fluffy puppy fur and all….