Vulnerability and Forgiveness

Vulnerability and forgiveness: Seven months ago I felt deeply betrayed by the actions of someone I dearly trusted right around the time my two closest female allies died. I have been holding a huge amount of resentment and anger in my body towards him which has served me well to keep my boundaries strong and heal my heart.

Epiphany: We all are walking wounded and are doing the best we can.. It is so easy to place the blame on someone else, close one's heart and ignore the valuable lessons gained.

I am choosing to give thanks for this transgression of the heart, for in reality it brought me to where i am today.. If i can follow the thread with gratitude while staying in my power and seeing it's all a gift to my unfolding evolution, I can mine the jewels of the experience, wish him well and get on with my life free of the anger!

If I am holding resentment towards anyone I am not free, i am held within the shadow of the experience that transpired and therefore perpetuate the cycle of pain.

Forgiveness comes from within.. To truly forgive him releases the impact of the wound and lets us both walk forward shedding the tragic memories of yesterday... (And even if i never talk to him again, this will free us both on an energetic level..)

LOVE does indeed heal all..

Love paired with forgiveness and appropriate boundaries is a smashing combination!