Alchemy of Loss

Nine months ago my closest girlfriend of 19 years died from Leukemia. I've been fairly present with my grief process allowing myself to feel it when it arises and getting outside support to ride the waves.

Last week I was fortunate to do a five-day retreat within the sacred realm of my spiritual practice. During that time away from the busy world I discovered pockets of grief that were hiding in the nooks and crannies of my heart. I allowed myself to feel it, letting the tears fall out of my eyes and feeling the acute loss of my friend who in many ways was like my twin. Words cannot express the depths of sadness and the hollow hole in my heart at times. To lose the person who mirrored you so solidly for 19 years is a huge adjustment.

We all carry grief. Whether it be from the loss of a past relationship, sorrow from losing a beloved to death, a pet, a job, house, concept of what you wanted in your life, and/or the reality of our current environmental and social conditions; grief is present and may be lurking under the surface.

I am honored to host these grief rituals and find within myself and those that attend that each time we allow ourselves to feel our grief, speak words to honor it, shed tears and hold sacred ritual space we all walk away a little lighter.

Saturday, April 23 we will gather together for a grief ritual with some powerful horse activities included. If you feel inclined to join in, I would love to have you. We will all commemorate our grief in sacred, safe space. Let the black wings of Pegasus carry your grief away.

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