Congruency with Horses

The herd at sunset

The herd at sunset

Yesterday I understood the lesson of congruency from spending time with the horses. I have four horses that almost every day I move from the dry, grassless pasture to the lush, green pasture, which as you can imagine takes a considerable amount of time. One of the big lessons in being with horses is the need to be PRESENT. Given that they are large creatures about ten times the weight of me, if I am spacing out thinking about something that is going to happen hours away, there is a good chance I might be accidently kicked or stepped on. This is one of the gifts of being with them, I must be aware of where I’m at in space and time.

It so happened that yesterday I was having a challenging day, pushed beyond my comfort levels emotionally and felt shaky and unbalanced. I notice my human tendency if I’m not completely present is to push that feeling away and pretend that everything is alright. Isn’t it so easy to put on a smile and tell everyone we’re just great when deep down our world is rocked? I notice that if I’m not allowing myself to be authentically present with the horses that usually this is when an accident or near-accident occurs.

I decided to be upfront and honest with them yesterday. After their pellet/vitamin meal I told them all in the barn, “Hey y’all I’m feeling off my center and pretty cracked open at the moment. When I’m walking you back to the other pasture can you please be gentle with me?” I knew if I were clear in mind and body with them they would respond and honor me for what I was feeling.

After speaking my truth, my largest horse Blue, boundary pusher, uncoordinated clown at times and the one I’ve experienced accidents around because of the above traits, was a perfect gentlemen when walking him back. He stayed in his space and was in perfect attunement with his giant blunderous form. They all took a certain care with me; obviously aware of the tender space I was in and walked with me in a protective manner.

Animals are naturally in alignment within their own bodies, minds and spirits. They don’t have a mind that takes over and can misinterpret signs and signals. They simply are. We humans are blessed to have them as companions and friends. If something traumatic happens to an animal they tend to shake it off and don’t hold a grudge, feelings of anger, stress or unnecessarily ruminate about it for days, months and years like humans do.

The human species is for the most part operating from our mind capacity, which is only accessing 10% of our understanding. Spending time with horses, as they have such huge hearts can tune us into the other 90% of our inner facilities that we might not be aware of, which is listening to our hearts, bodies and instincts. Learning the skills of the other 90% can help us excel in all areas of our lives; friendships, family, work relationships and can assist in leadership skills.

Time with the horses is such a gift in all ways. The lesson of being present with one’s emotions, listening to what they are, speaking them and learning the value of coherency is beyond any instruction I learned in school. Thank you Linda Kohanov for teaching me this and thank you to the horses for being the most important teachers I have ever had. I am listening and humbled beyond measure.

What are some of your experiences in being around the horses? Have you witnessed these lessons of congruency from being around them? I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and feedback! Please share. :-)