Boundaries: What are they and why do we need them?

Boundaries help create a safe container in which to operate in within ALL of our relationships: friends, family, co-workers and in the everyday world. Having clear boundaries with others can help us flourish in our lives as we are clear what our needs are and how to get them met.

The greatest gift for me (Tara) in learning about boundaries is through working with the horses. When faced with setting a boundary with a dominant 1,500 lb horse one MUST learn how to truly stand in one's strength and assert one's needs. When learning how to property set a boundary with a large animal, then with a 160 lb. human (for example) it is a walk in the park.

Once we learn where are boundaries are and how to set them it teaches us how to operate in the world in a healthier manner as we're clear where we stand with ourselves and others. The world becomes a safer place and we're empowered to stand strong yet aware within ourselves in a whole new manner.

It has been a lifelong challenge for me to maintain healthy boundaries from childhood to adulthood which is why I am inspired to teach this program to help others with their boundaries.  Being a giving person in my life I have had to learn to assert myself to claim my own personal space and boundaries. I have had my share of boundary violations in personal relationships which led me to learn strong boundaries which of course is always a work in process. :-) 

Here is what you will take away:

  • Know that you have a right to personal boundaries.
  • Recognize that other people's needs and feelings are not more important than your own.
  • Learn to say no.
  • Identify the actions and behaviors that you find unacceptable.
  • Trust and believe in yourself.

This is a four month program which includes:

  • Three weekend workshops at Wind Horse Sanctuary from Friday evening to Sunday at noon.
  • Three private sessions (one per weekend)
  • Four group calls in between weekend sessions
  • Homework in between sessions
  • Catered lunch during weekend workshops

*Lodging is available at the Sanctuary, please inquire for more information.

This workshop fulfills the requirement for a introductory workshop in the the Eponaquest apprenticeship program.  See for more information. 

Cancellation policy: In the event of a cancellation every effort will be made to fill cancelled space from the waiting list. However, due to the limited capacity tuition is non-refundable if we are unable to do so. A registration form must be submitted in order to confirm space in the workshop. After registration and tuition are received you will receive a confirmation via email. All transportation and meals, other than provided above, are on your own.

Currently, we do not have any 2017 dates scheduled for this program. To express your interest in attending this program, please contact Tara.

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