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Healthy Happy Horses: Essential Oils for Horse and Rider

Essential Oils - Natural Solutions for you and your equine partner!

Join Arin Ingraham and Tara Coyote at Wind Horse Sanctuary in Nevada City, CA for a hands-on workshop about how to safely use these all-natural, plant-based remedies for you and your horse.

Saturday, April 18th, 2015
$60 (includes 8 essential oils, all-natural fly spray and hoof oil)

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Wind Horse Sanctuary - Nevada City, CA  
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  • Learn how essential oils can safely and effectively support the health and wellness of you and your horse.
  • Learn about the properties of different essential oils and how to choose the right one for your horse.
  • Explore the subtle language of horses as they are introduced to essential oils.
  • Discover how essential oil blends in combination with breathing exercises can help ground the horse and rider
  • Make your own products like fly spray and hoof oil using quality essential oils

Arin is a Certified AromaTouch Instructor with over 25 years of experience using essential oils. She has dedicated her life to teaching others the power of plant medicine. When she is not joyfully traveling the world sharing these wisdoms, she can be found at home in Ashland, OR with her dog Bella and horse Bodhi. Learn more about Arin here

Tara weaves together 25 years together of somatic experience with her love of horses. Tara is a Eponaquest™ equine facilitated learning and Power of the Herd ™ instructor developed through Linda Kohanov. Linda has created a innovative human-equine approach for developing emotional intelligence, leadership and relationship skills. Please visit the Eponaquest website ( for more information or check out Linda's books, 'The Tao of Equus', 'Riding Between the Worlds', 'The Way of the Horse' and 'The Power of the Herd'. 

She is the owner of Wind Horse Sanctuary, a 10 acre horse property which hosts private sessions and workshops with horse guided exercises. Horses have a powerful manner to guide us down the pathway of self-attunement and awareness. While in challenging situations, horses can help us find the true balance needed to bring equilibrium into our lives. She has also trained in extensive shadow work, leading women's groups through embracing and learning to love their own shadow self.