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Riding into the Unknown - Embracing Change

Riding into The Unknown - Embracing Change

We are living during a powerful time of epic change and transformation. How do we maintain a sense of balance when the turbulent waves of life shake our very foundation?  Finding the courage to navigate these changes and keep our true sense of purpose while moving forward is essential to steering ourselves in the right direction.

I am inspired to offer this workshop as I see all around me people questioning the trajectory of their life and who are choosing to make bold changes to transform their lives. Four  years ago I lived in the suburbs, was married with a successful Pilates studio and then decided to give it all up to follow my heart's calling of helping people heal with horses. These crossroads in life are terrifying yet our key to growth  lies in trusting what our true destiny is.

With the horses as our guides we will peel away our societal conditioned beliefs to uncover our true authentic selves. Diving into this process will help liberate our limited beliefs and perceptions of ourselves in order to propel our life path forward to pursue our heart's desire and live a more fulfilled life.

  • This is a three day workshop that runs from April 16-18.
  • Cost: $700
  • Please wear closed toe shoes/boots
  • Lodging is available at the Sanctuary, please inquire for more information

This workshop is from April 16-18, 2106.

No horse experience is necessary. There will be no mounted activities in this workshop even though there is 'riding' in the title.. That is a metaphor! ;-)

This workshop fulfills the requirement for a introductory workshop in the the Eponaquest apprenticeship program.  See for more information. 

Cancellation policy: In the event of a cancellation every effort will be made to fill cancelled space from the waiting list. However, due to the limited capacity tuition is non-refundable if we are unable to do so. A registration form must be submitted in order to confirm space in the workshop. After registration and tuition are received you will receive a confirmation via email. All transportation and meals, other than provided above, are on your own.

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