Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

+ Can I come visit the horses and Wind Horse Sanctuary?

Given that the nature of running a 10 acre ranch, four horses and a business take up a vast amount of time if you want to visit the Sanctuary, you’re invited to book an introductory one hour session or 90 minute session or attend one of the many events offered.

Wind Horse Sanctuary also has a lovely, creek cottage available for your private getaway. If you’re interested in staying at the Sanctuary please check out the cottage page. Tara also offers custom retreat packages with horse, coaching and exercises sessions while staying on the property. For more information please contact Tara.

Wind Horse Sanctuary is a wonderful place to come unwind, relax and rejuvenate and we would love to have you!

+ Can I take riding lessons with you?

Tara does not teach riding. All the Equine Facilitated Learning work is done on the ground to maximize the human/horse bond. Below are a few local riding recommendations.

Skip Bertuzzi
Contact: 530-615-1667
Location: San Juan Ridge

Equine Partners
Contact: 530-559-1602
Location: Penn Valley

Nicole Schloppe
Contact: 831-535-3131
Location: Hwy 174 - Grass Valley

+ Can I apprentice or volunteer at the Sanctuary?

We appreciate your interest but right now we don’t have to capacity to offer volunteer or apprenticeship opportunities. If it is offered in the future please feel free to check this website as it is updated often or subscribe to our email newsletter list.

+ Can I work at the Sanctuary?

Right now we are not offering outside positions. Thank you for your interest!

+ Can I board my horse at the Sanctuary?

Sorry, Wind Horse Sanctuary does not offer boarding at this time.

+ I have a horse or know of a horse that needs a home, can you take him/her?

We wish we could take in every horse that needs a home but right now the Sanctuary is at full capacity.

+ Can I share your blog and info with others?

Yes, you’re welcome to share the material on the website, although please credit Tara Coyote and clearly write on whatever is shared. Thank you for your consideration.

+ Are you available to speak at my event/function?

Yes, Tara would be thrilled to speak at your event/function! Please contact Tara with your specific request/inquiry.

+ What exactly is Equine Facilitated Learning and will I be riding a horse?

Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) is an educational approach to equine-assisted activities. EFL content is developed and organized by credentialed practitioners with the primary intent to facilitate personal growth and development of life skills through equine interactions. While in challenging situations, horses can help us find the true inner wisdom needed to bring balance into our lives. You will not be riding a horse as the focus of this work is done on the ground.

+ Is horse experience required to participate in a workshop or event?

No horse experience is necessary. In fact many people who visit and participate in events don’t have any horse experience whatsoever but are simply fascinated by or drawn to these astounding creatures. Tara has also assisted many people with helping them work through past traumatic horse experiences and fear of horses.

+ Is there an age limit for workshops & events?

For regular workshops and events the suggested age is 18+. Occasionally Tara offers special day long events for kids of specific ages. For private sessions, Tara is open to working with both kids and adults. In fact she has seen great success and progress working with kids and the horses!

+ Do you work with children and adults with special needs?

Yes, Tara has experience working with children and adults with special needs. In this capacity at Wind Horse Sanctuary it would be offered through private sessions.

+ What is your cancellation policy on workshops & events?

In the event of a cancellation, every effort will be made to fill the cancelled space from the waiting list. However, due to the limited capacity tuition is non-refundable if we are unable to do so.

+ Are you available to write an article for my blog/newspaper/magazine?

Tara has written articles for various publications and would be happy to write a specific article for your blog/newspaper/magazine. See more information here and contact Tara with your specific request/inquiry.

+ How can I support Wind Horse Sanctuary?

Thank you for wanting to support Wind Horse Sanctuary! We gratefully accept donations via PayPal or check. Maintaining and running the Sanctuary is a big endeavor and we very much appreciate your support. Your donations will go towards offering services (workshops and private sessions) to those in need who are unable to financially contribute the full cost as well as supporting general upkeep for the horses. For more information, feel free to contact Tara directly.

You can also follow us on social media – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest – and share any posts as you feel inspired!