Lucinda Vette is an avid horsewoman, world traveler, writer, facilitator, and attorney licensed in Arizona, New York, and Wisconsin. She has expertise in the growing ‘Conscious Law” movement. Her background in horses began at age five, with her first pony King. From a young age she exhibited a talent and affinity for horses, and persuasion. By nine she was training her own horses, having convinced her parents she was capable of handling an un-started Arabian, and three year old Thoroughbred. 

These adventures eventually lead to a competition career including a spot on the North American Young Riders Championship Three Day Eventing Team, her "B" rating in the United States Pony Club, and a coveted working student position with Olympic Dressage team member, Carol Lavell. She has traveled as far as Portugal to study Classical Dressage with Luis Valenca protoge' Charlotte Whittbom.

As she transitioned from young rider to attorney, the lessons from horses began to have seemingly unlimited applications in life, leading her to seek out and study with world-renowned pioneer in the field of horse assisted human development, Linda Kohanov. After completing an apprenticeship with Linda, Ms. Vette accepted a position working at her ranch in Amado, AZ as the Resident Trainer for the Eponaquest Herd.

During her tenure with Eponaquest, Ms. Vette has developed a practice she calls 'Relationship Based Horse Handling." In her work with horses she focuses on the Four Roles of a Master Herder as applied to horsemanship, to build relationship, trust, connection, listening, mutual respect, and quiet leadership in lieu of methods relying on dominance and submission. In addition to her own equine practice, Lucinda assists Ms. Kohanov in her work. She facilitates groups and individuals in learning and applying the lessons from horses and horsemanship to all aspects of life. 

Lucinda has a special interest in nurturing an empowered balance between the familiar world of logic, methodology, competitiveness, and objectivity with the often less familiar paradigm of consciousness, spirit, and intuition in developing a more meaningful and connected life.