Healing with Horses 3 day Workshop


Healing with Horses 3 day Workshop


This will be my only 3 day workshop in 2017! Come spend time with the horses and I and discover some of the key elements of how I have been healing myself naturally in my cancer journey. (Note: This is not a 'how to heal cancer naturally workshop' but how to orient your mind and body to heal in the most efficient and joyful way possible with whatever mental or physical ailment you are challenged with. Everyone is welcome to this workshop!) 

We all are on a healing journey whether it be from an emotional or physical ailment.  These are powerful times we're living in and the key to finding balance lies in our ability to be present to our own personal healing journey. All of us have the innate ability to heal ourselves of whatever malady comes our way and horses can be wonderful assistants in the process of healing. Time with the horses offers an immense opportunity to dive into a deeper level of personal transformation.

Tara was diagnosed in September, 2016 with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. She decided to take an unconventional route to heal her cancer and decided to decline the standard route of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. She is now successfully healing her cancer through natural means. Tara credits her four horses as part of the reason she is thriving through her cancer journey as horses offer tremendous healing potential.

Our bodies store our emotions, whatever is not released in a healthy manner becomes stuck, which can eventually turn into dis-ease. There are so many tools for healing and the horses are powerful allies to help us tune into the messages our bodies have to share.

The proper use of boundaries, the messages behind emotions and the dramatic impact stress has upon our bodies and minds are some of the concepts you will be introduced to, along with nurturing, safe time with the horses.

Join Tara and her gorgeous horses for this three workshop to taste the brilliant essence of the transformational quality of being with the horses.

To learn more about Tara's healing journey please go to her blog Cancer Warrioress and her Cancer Warrioress Facebook page : Facebook

In this workshop you will learn to:

  • Use emotion as information
  • Accessing a more authentic, creative presence
  • Recognizing and moving beyond conditioned behaviors and thought patterns
  • Setting Boundaries: establishing and maintaining clear and consistent personal space
  • Body Scan: using the body as a sensing device
  • Hands-on activities with horses as guides
  • Developing essential skills for building Authentic Community
  • Important healing tools for your own healing journey

Clothing: Please wear closed toe shoes/boots and outdoor wear
Horse experience: Not required and there are no mounted activities

Cost: $699

*Lodging is available at the Sanctuary, please inquire for more information

This workshop fulfills the requirement for a introductory workshop in the the Eponaquest apprenticeship program.  See www.Eponaquest.com for more information. 

*Photo of Blue, Daisy & Spirit taken by the talented Melinda Vienna Saari

Cancellation policy:

  • Cancellation 30 or more days prior to workshop - Full workshop registration fee will be refunded
  • Cancellation 21 to 30 days prior to workshop - 50% of workshop registration fee will be refunded
  • Cancellation 21 days or less prior to workshop - no refunds will be made