Equine Archetypes for Self Discovery: 

Wanting some help with the direction you're wanting to go in? Feeling some confusion about your life? Are you wanting guidance with big life decisions? When undergoing big life traditions such as birth, death, marriage, divorce, travel, new directions, completions and other life circumstances it can be helpful to do a card reading to glean insights to guide you on your way. 

Way of the horse card deck

Way of the horse card deck

Treat yourself to a 'Way of the Horse' card reading to help gain guidance and perspective  in your life. This gorgeous 40 card deck was designed by Linda Kohanov, author of 'The Tao of Equus'  and artist Kim McElroy. Each card is unique and reflects insight through the offering a 'gift' and 'challenge' for the meaning of each card plus other descriptive wisdom. 

Tara has been using this gorgeous card deck for years and loves offering card readings to others. Card readings are done in the 'Johari Window Format' which has the following layout: central theme card, public card (desired direction of growth), blind side card (information you might not necessarily see), secret self card (a secret you're  holding in relation to the question) and unconscious card (information not known yet). Readings can also be done to represent the past, present and future. 

Card Reading - 1 Hour
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