Grief Ritual Testimonials

"Being witnessed in releasing grief was much more powerful than doing it alone. Tara held a safe container and being with the horses was lovely!" — Samantha Russell

“I am taking away from the Grief Ritual: lightness of being, compassion, self-love, clarity, forgiveness, acceptance, inspiration, gratitude, courage, a basket full of tears, respect, community, sisterhood, nurturing, renewal and a sense of I am.” — Gina

"Tara, thank you for such a wonderful ritual.  I found it so very healing.  You are really such a skilled leader.  I think you have really found your calling.  And your horses provide a wonderful presence and reflection.  I really connected with Comanche this time.  Loved the stone ceremony and the reverberations of all our grievings.  It was healing and cathartic all at the same time. It is obvious we are not alone in this human condition." — Melisa McCampbell

“I love ceremony, ritual, and horses.  I felt like a little kid when I came home, artwork in hand, to show my honey when I got there.  He loved it, and loved hearing all the details of my day and experience. Your deep commitment to your work and holding the space for others to do theirs is such a gift to our world and our communities.”— Pauli Hakensen

“I don't know what Tara and the horses did to me a week ago at the grief ritual but I'm suddenly fearless and really standing up for myself and others who have less of a voice. This naturally shy and introverted gal is now kind of a bad ass! Giddy up!” — Karen Pisani

“The space you held has been the deep release  I have needed to move back into the woman I was before my mama's diagnosis!!! I had not known how to truly move back into that being of wellness with my full mind and body!!! I know that there will always be more to work through and feel a peaceful surrender into the nights!!!! You had mentioned how the healing continues and it could not be more true, more understanding of how I lost myself  thru the heartaches keeps being revealed to me. And  the understanding is helping me not to feel so frightened. Keep on spinning your beautiful magic with us all Tara.” — Amanda Noakes

“Tara has created a ultra-sweet space for healing work. The facilities and the activities supported deep levels of healing for me as we explored grief as a group and individually.”  Andy Peri

“I love Wind Horse Sanctuary in Nevada City. I experienced a wonderful grief ritual with horses and nature, a FULL day of release and renewal and staying the night in a sweet cottage to savor the experience.  Tara Coyote is a terrific facilitator. Her calm spirit and generous heart are infectious. In addition..."ritual" has new meaning for me. I'm allowed to be and flow vs. yet another "work"shop! Tara creates a setting for one to be enveloped so deep healing can take place, seen & unseen. I am leaving behind a lot of heaviness. The immersion of nature and being with others grieving is one form or another is remarkably healing. Thank you for your gentle spirit, open heart and making me feel at home.” — Jennifer Eshelman

“The most powerful day of my 47 years of living... everything makes sense now ♡ There is nothing more important than allowing yourself to grieve. I have a new found strength that I intend to bring with me through this next chapter in my life! Bless you Tara for the work you do and thank you Comanche, Spirit, Blue & Daisy for assisting in my beautiful journey ♡ Xaria too for the most beautiful stones!” — Erika Anderson Wagner

“Thank you so much for everything! I woke up with a smile on my face this morning :-) 
What an oasis you found and have joined up with!
Thank you for giving momentum to your grieving and love - creating such beauty for others to come into and share.
So much beauty yesterday.
Deep thank you's.
I hope our paths cross again.”

“I feel slower and more connected to myself. I am grateful for the shared grief experience and the integration of nature in all of it’s elements, being seen in the shadow, heat and the eyes of the horses was magical.” — Michele Katz

Workshop Testimonials

“I found Tara and Wild Horse Sanctuary during a very difficult transition in my life. Tara, her horses, her program, and the others in the clinic helped lift me out of a dark place, and made me see my own strength and beauty. After attending her Moving through Sacred Space Workshop a month ago, I feel so much better prepared to cope with all the resistance in my life. I cannot thank them enough.” — Alanna Salzman

“The Wind Horse Sanctuary is a gorgeous oasis of peace, tranquility and nature. Just being there, I felt my body surrender and relax. Tara's objective seemed to be to let the horses do most of the teaching. And she made a wise choice. The horses are master teachers. They are great at teaching each person what they need to work on to be more honest and real with themselves and the world around them. It is very spiritual and intuitive work, and Tara and the horses are naturals. Thank you Tara and horses!” — Luke Utah


"Tara’s bright smile and genuine spirit filled me with joy, as she and her charming herd worked alongside us, diving into our shadow work together. She is a caring, open, nurturing facilitator. The material was presented in a gentle, simple way. Having been around horses for over 40 years, the subtle work with Tara’s horses gave me a completely new outlook on relating to horses. The herd is fully engaged and love what they are doing! It was touching watching each person share a unique and wonderful experience with her horses. Tara left us with beautiful gifts to remember the special weekend as well as such kind words about our work together. This was one of the most beautiful weekends I’ve spent in my life. It was really just magical, filling with me with a deep sense of peace, and leaving a lasting impression on me." — Holly Ames

“Tara’s gentleness and compassion while listening to my past traumatic experiences with horses held a safe container for me to be able to slowly face my fear of them. She lead me through a series of awareness exercises that allowed me to ‘tune in’ to how I was feeling emotionally, physically and mentally while looking at the horses first from a distance while they were in their pen, then moving closer to them while they were still in their pen to finally going inside the pen with the horse with her assistance. Each step was carefully structured to ensure my safety and comfort level and I was given the choice to move forward or not. An alchemical experience happened during the process. When I touched the horse, while it was in its pen, the fear transformed into sadness. The tears released the truth that I had cut off a part of myself that really loves and appreciates horses/also representative of my wild nature and power. I mourned the loss. Then I remembered the joy and appreciation and excitement that I felt while petting horses when I was very young. Something shifted within me during the process. Fear turned into an expression of sadness which transformed into joy and excitement. Tara’s listening skills, encouragement and acceptance of my process was phenominal. The slow conscious steps gave me the permission to feel everything that I felt and gave me the security to move forward in a safe way. Her sensitivity to tune in and adapt to my needs made me feel like I was held in a gentle way through the process. I am very grateful for this experience and I highly recommend Tara for this transformative healing work.” — Julie Simonsen

"I have had the gift of some time with Tara Coyote's work, and the beloved four-leggeds that she shares a home and life with. I can only highly recommend this magical work as a way to more deeply attune to and align with yourself. it's a worthy investment of your time and energy, a truly unique and profoundly potent gift. Go get it." — Maitreya Falcon

“I have taken several retreats so far with Tara at Wind Horse Sanctuary and can't wait to take more! Tara holds an amazing level of presence and commitment to your individual healing process and to the collect energy of the group. It's clear that she puts her heart and soul into this work and the results are powerful and transformational. I would highly recommend taking a workshop or receiving a private session from her. Also, the sanctuary itself is truly magical and a great place to go for a personal retreat to rejuvenate and relax.” — Teresa Trout

“The Wind Horse Sanctuary is a serene, supportive space where we can
let go,
be surrounded by trees, animals, water, and the natural world.
Be with the sky and ground,
Tara, you’ve actually created a space where the Soul can breathe,
a place and a space for the Soul.
Tara has created something magical at the Wind Horse Sanctuary.  It’s obvious to me the amount
of love, energy, and time that goes into such an effort, and I’m a bit in awe of what she has created here.”
— Bree Brown

“I highly recommend working with Tara Coyote for everyone who is interested in diving into their shadow work. By addressing shadow issues and patterns, we are able to break free from the dark and radiantly shine the light within. Tara is a very skilled, grounded and intuitive facilitator who creates a safe container to explore our shadow sides. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work closely with Tara as I was recovering from leukemia, which required me to dive deeper inside and change beliefs and patterns that were no longer serving me. Tara creates a truly transformative process!” — Deb Hubsmith

"I attended two of Tara's EponaQuest workshops now, loving each one for different reasons.  Tara is a sensitive open soul that holds sacred space allowing one to step deeper into themselves.  Her sensitivities are completely attuned to the guests attending her workshops.  I know I felt completely heard, seen and taken care of through out the course work.  The course subject offered was beautiful and really streamed me into parts of my heart that had yet to awaken.  The courses have since changed the path of my own life, and for this I am truly grateful.  I have been to dozens upon dozens of workshops all over the world, and I have to say that this work is soul awakening.  The horses Tara works with are not only healers, but beaming with love that just filled my hearts cup.  I am forever grateful to have met Tara, as I know she will be a guide for my future!" — Scarlet Ravin

Here is a link to Scarlet's blog to read her complete transformational experience she had during a three day workshop.


“What I loved about this workshop was that I felt safe, held and seen. I love Tara’s authentic real energy, how it was structured, yet present, at the same time. I learned how to be more authentic with myself, therefore with others and in general, more in my heart. I learned how to step more into my power, how to receive by being open and how to be receptive. The horses taught me so much. The day after the Authentic Self workshop I had a rough day and major anxiety but it was awesome cuz I moved thru it by using the Emotional Message Chart and it helped me calm down. Then I got to a super blissful place of contentment and gratitude and feel amazing today. It's like old selfs of me are dying off and as things get super intense for a moment. And then if I can move thru it with truth and awareness then I feel a massive weight lifts off for good. And more of my new self emerges.” — Sarah Brewer

“Tara takes the Shadow work many steps beyond the 'Dark Side of the Light Chasers' book she uses as her inspiration for the dark shadow work she facilitates for people. She holds the space for safe, eye-opening revelatory awakening, if one is willing to answer the difficult questions and look at the different sides to ourselves and personalities within us, delving into the juicy dark sides which we tend to demonize or push in our lives of shining our lights and turning away from our darkness. With Tara’s gentle facilitation on a visualized, intentional journey, will allow the participant to open up to these cast aside parts of yourselves, understanding their worth in your lives and integrating them for your greater good. Tara’s guidance helped me to gently and safely explore dark realms within me. By the end of the process, I learned to own and appreciate my inner dark places as assets, and its denizens as teachers in a journey towards wholeness, presence, and ultimately, full acceptance of my personality and spiritual essence. I recommend you take a committed journey of self-discovery with Tara as your guide.” — Amity Hotchkiss

“It was so beautiful when I went to bed - I could smell the horses and their feed. Sometimes strongly, other times less notable. Then the image of Daisy [the horse] was so clear to me - she was so golden and playful - I fell asleep smiling. The energy I have today is incredible. I care! I actually care again! Thank you again Tara - I so appreciate the energy that you and your team give.  It [my experience] was much more than I ever expected. The level of trust that Tara and her tribe provide allow for the spirit to open.” — Fay  Wenger

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