A non-predatory Approach to Social Intelligence, Leadership, and Self-Discovery

The Epona Approach (EFL) provides an opportunity for participants to discover authenticity and promote self-awareness. We use the wonderful tool of the Emotional Message Chart which allows us to unlock the messages behind the emotions and what our bodies are trying to communicate to us. It’s an amazing fact that 90% of all communication is non-verbal and horses naturally dwell in the non-verbal realm of authenticity and intuition. When partnering with horses, you will find the horses behavior reflected in your own emotions and issues. They offer a non-biased sounding board for you to travel to the root of the whatever issue is at hand, identify it and then release it. Above all, after your time with the  horses, you will leave with skills to support you in your everyday life. Spending time with the horses can be incredibly magical and profound but ultimately you are equipping yourself with life tools to assist you in every moment with or without horses.

Benefits of horse work:

• Learn more effective ways of relating to others
• Minimize stress and feel more peaceful
• Realize your unique gifts and talents
• Live in the present moment and respond appropriately
• Explore new avenues of creativity
• Discover their innate resources
• Become more connected with your authentic self
• Improve your communications

Equine Facilitated Learning Sessions:

Introductory  Session: $95 (for new clients only)

This is a introductory 60 minute session offering a short tour of Wind Horse Sanctuary and one horse activity

Regular Session: $130

This is a 90 minute session which includes one horse activity and deepening into the experience and philosophy behind the work.  

Three Session Pack: $360

It is suggested to sample three sessions to truly understand the nature of this profound work. This is a discounted package price with $30 off  three 90 minute sessions.

Five Session Pack: $550

Five sessions is a true commitment to transformation and will bring you to the heart of being present with the horses. This is a discounted price with $100 off five 90 minute sessions.

Basic Retreat Package: $325

For a retreat experience, a night can be spent in the Sanctuary's cottage with two intensive sessions offered (one for each consecutive  day). For information about the cottage please see the link below.  Price includes two sessions and one night in the cottage.

Exclusive Retreat Package: $425

For the full retreat experience, two nights can be spent in the Sanctuary's cottage with two sessions offered (Sessions can be chosen from the three days spent at the sanctuary. It is recommended to schedule the sessions in advance as the cottage books up early.)

 For Cottage information, please click this link: visit our AirBnB page.  

For a custom retreat experience please contact Tara for more information.