The Wind Horse

Tibetan image of a wind Horse   

The Wind Horse is an allegory for the human soul in the shamanistic tradition of East Asia and Central Asia. In Tibetan Buddhism, it was included as the pivotal element in the center of the four animals symbolizing the cardinal directions and a symbol of well-being or good fortune. It has also given the name to a type of prayer flag that has the five animals printed on it.

Wind Horse Sanctuary


Wind Horse Sanctuary is on ten beautiful acres in Nevada City, CA (20 minutes away from the town of Grass Valley and Nevada City). The property is a perfect environment for a retreat space to relax from the busy world whether involved with horse activities, movement or simply taking in the gorgeous sites on the property.  On the property is a pond, two large horse pastures, a creek, a salt-water pond, a cottage and rooms to stay in while attending workshops. The whole property is off the grid and run on a solar system. For accommodations while staying at Wind Horse Sanctuary please see our AirBnB page or contact Tara directly through the Contact page.